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Road Trips are classic Americana, whether you're driving two hours of twelve, you've got to have a rocking playlist to soundtrack your journey. Here's 10 songs to kickstart your summer trips.

1. The Killers-Runaways

This song is made for the road. There are countless references in this song to driving, and further more it's got a driving beat that will make you love every mile you turn over.

2. Babyshambles- FCK Forever

This is the ultimate, leave the past, present and future behind song. The chorus is the ultimate explicit sing along, so roll the windows down and scream it!

3. Death Valley- Fall Out Boy

This one will wake you up if you're falling asleep at the wheel. Death Valley is a song that grabs you by the throat and makes you want to dance when you hear it. Perfect for a ride through the desert.

4. Arctic Monkeys- Arabella

The guitar line alone on this track is enough to warrant a road trip, just don't speed! It's easy to go too fast while listening to this Arctic Monkey's track.

5. Digital Witness-St. Vincent

If you're trying to cool off in the summer heat, this is the track for you. St. Vincent is atmospheric, spacey synth-rock and the thought-provoking lyrics will keep you rocking for every mile you drive.

6. Lonley Town- Brandon Flowers

This 80's infused track from the Killers front-man is a retro callback to the road trip. He calls upon a driving beat and synth to make your trip fly by. His new album The Desired Effect is great for driving as well.

7. Action Cat- Gerard Way

This is a straight up rock track, guitar, bass, drums and a sneering vocal track from the former My Chemical Romance front-man. Watch your speed while listening.

8. 21st Century Breakdown- Green Day

This is a windows-down sing along song. Green Day is known for chugging guitars and loud drums, but this track offers a Beatles-esque turn toward the end that even your parents will love while you drive for long periods of time.

9. Backseat Serenade- All Time Low

This track is just fun and will make time go by quickly. All Time Low is a band that never got much respect, but continues to churn out solid track after solid track. Check out this one, and their catalog for prime summer driving music.

10. Jumping Jack Flash-The Rolling Stones

This song is everything road-trip music is made of. Badass lyrics, catchy guitar lines and sun-roof retracting power characterize it as a classic summer hit from the Stones. Blast this track right as you're pulling into your destination.
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The Killers always make we want to run faster, go farther, and live bigger. Perfect road trip music!