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There are so many great K-dramas out there but not enough time to watch them all! So I want to share some dramas I really enjoyed through this collection. If you would like to make a card about your favorite, please do so! I'd love to know what dramas you all like and add them to my collection!
What's the drama? The story revolves around a high school student named Go Nam Soon who is always bullied by a gang that's in his class. His class then gets 2 new teachers that have a hard time controlling the rowdy bunch of kids. Over time, through many hardships, the teachers grow on the kids and they all develop good friendships. At some point, Park Heung Soo (Nam Soon's ex-best friend) transfers to this school and we learn about their troubled past and watch them go on to become friends again. The drama shows the struggles of modern Korean high schools such as bullying, suicides, violence, poor teaching and high expectations.
Why is it great?
1. This drama keeps it real!
There is no fluff in this drama. It's not about chaebol heirs who attend school for fun and go on expensive study abroad trips. And it's also not about perfect, studious kids and high school romance. It shows the reality of most high schools and the difficulties of being students and teachers while trying to handle all aspects of life. Nam Soon, for most part, does really just sleep and eat in this drama.
2. The characters are honest!
Besides a few circumstantial misunderstandings and occasional white lies, the characters in this drama are brutally honest. Whether it's the students or teachers, they speak their mind. And most importantly, they talk it out! So refreshing to see this in a K-drama for once. No insane K-drama misunderstandings that'll drive you crazy.
3. The students are realistic!
This drama portrays high school students as just high school students. It shows that they can be ignorant, mean and annoying at times, but also thoughtful, considerate and just human as well. Nam Soon struggles with losing his best friend as a result of a fight and initially shuts himself off but eventually comes clean when it's time to talk about what happened. Just like a real person would handle the issue.
4. The characters are expressive!
We often see K-drama characters hide how they feel while pretending to be completely okay. This one doesn't (for most part). The characters express themselves well and in a realistic manner. It would be impossible for the drama to address topics such as bullying and parental abuse without such great characters.
5. It accurately depicts high school relationships!
Once again, no fluff with this one. Whether it's friendship or crushes, this drama portrays them accurately and shows a lot of different dynamics that happen in high school. Most importantly, it's not too dramatic. Best friends go through rough patches as well, but they eventually work it out.
6. The teachers actually care!
This was pretty surprising to me. Most K-dramas just have either goofy or strict teachers who don't dabble much in the lives of students. This drama, however, has some amazing teachers that help out the kids who are struggling with the teenager phase and even save their lives. And props to any drama that addresses issues like suicide!
7. And the teachers are understanding!
Yes, there are a few bad apple teachers in this drama as well, but the ones that are good are great! They are not only caring but also understanding of the students. Even though they get insulted and tricked by the students, they are mature enough to give them another chance and patient enough to guide them onto the right path. They truly earn the respect of the kids!
8. Bullies exist! And they can be brutal!
This drama depicts some of the horrific bullying that happens in high schools. While I'm not sure if this is actually a significant issue in Korea, the drama goes full on out and shows the bullying as well as the lives of bullies. This is interesting because we get to learn why the bullies turned out that way and why they keep doing what they do.
9. But anyone has the potential to change!
This is the major driving point of this drama! Whether it's the new teacher who couldn't originally control the kids, the student that attempted suicide or the bully that everyone hated, this drama shows that they all have the potential to change for the better. Even the bully starts turning into a new leaf towards the end.
10. The bromance!
To end on a happy note, I should talk about all the bromance in this drama. As if Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin's real life friendship isn't adorable enough, they are best friends in this drama as well. They do go through a rough patch (and it'll very much hit you in the feels) but they are absolutely great at portraying this beautiful friendship and you also get to see their sassy and dorky sides! Check out more bromance at https://www.vingle.net/posts/874993-Top-K-Drama-Bromance-Pairs.
School 2013! I've watched it 3 times so far and always go back to it after I watch I can Hear Your Voice which was my intro to Lee Jong Suk! I am having a Lee Jong Suk a thon right now! just finished School 2013 Dr Stranger next then Pinocchio! Started it all watching Young Bloods for the first time! OH my Cougar Crush is raging! i馃挏LJS!
This was the very first Korean drama that I watched. I liked it, I thought it was exciting and great acting. If I were to watch it again, I'd say it was pleasant. You're right, too many good dramas, but not enough time.
@poojas yes! my first Lee Jung Suk drama! fell in lust with those perfect lips! Lol!
I love love love this drama
Did you watch this @AngelJoong86? I loved this drama! :)
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