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Believe it or not, some of the things that were in fashion in the first years after the millennium are back in style today... sort of. New incarnations of styles let us re-experience the early 2000's in a far less cringe-inducing way. Want to try the trends without looking like a character in Passport to Paris? Follow my advice below!

How to wear... platform sandals?

Back in the early 2000's, our platform sandals were all in the form of flip-flops. Even the Lizzie McGuire cartoon wore them! Today, strappy sandals are given chunky platforms. To stay away from the former incarnation of the trend, avoid anything with a foam platform, and stick with shoes that have lots of straps or cover your feet entirely. You may look 90's, but you won't look the dreaded 2000's.

How to wear... flared jeans?

It's hard to have spent your teen years in the 2000's and not call these pants bell-bottoms. With the 70's trend in full swing, your fear of the aughts shouldn't keep you away To look fresh and current, find your flared jeans in a medium or high rise. The early 2000's were full of low-rise everything, so if you don't go in that direction, you're golden. Also pick a pair that's fitted through the thigh and flares just at the knee; nothing that's loose all over, and nothing that flares a-line style mid-calf. Get more help with this here.

How to wear... a denim mini skirt?

If you wore lowrise, hiphugger mini skirts that were cutoff far too short in the early 2000's, I understand any apprehension to bring back a denim mini. Have no fear! The denim mini skirts that are in style today look nothing like Christina's denim belt above. The most popular reincarnation of the denim skirt is in a high-waisted a-line that buttons up the front, which is far more 70's than 2000's. Another trend to try is the denim pencil skirt, which brings together chic polish and the laid-back fun of denim.

How to wear... sparkles?

This one's tricky. Sparkles and sequins can easily go aughts, but that doesn't mean you don't want to go to a party or celebrate New Year's Eve looking a little glittery! In general, stick to sequins over glitter (see Tara Reid's pants above), and never combine with low-cut bottoms of any kind, or you'll be reminding everyone of Jessica Simpson in her glory days. Stick to sequins in unexpected places, like on more modest styles like an otherwise casual tee, a pencil skirt, or a modern-cut cami.
Good luck and may the aughts be with you! Just not too much with you...
I still can't believe how low pants were and how short skirts were. How did 'trendy' women survive the 90s?!
@caricakes I like to think that Christina Aguilera's "skirt" was an especially low and short one, but they definitely weren't good. I'm pretty sure the more modest skirts were just a little longer and then long shirts and sweaters would be tucked in, not in the most flattering way.