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Hand in hand with a lover close friend random stranger
saying grace out loud or reflecting in silence
on the food sitting in front of your three siblings two parents one you.
Shutting your eyes and feeling the pain caused by the physical labor
involved in the process of

gathering nutritious produce just so it can take a field trip it to your local grocery store
filled with crude cashiers and a clean up on aisle 5.

Industrial Agriculture versus Family farms.
Food labels with words you can’t pronounce.
Satisfying that sneaky, temporary, sugar craving.

Fruits and veggies nurtured by

sandy loam
silty soil.
Nourishing the space between your head and toes.
I foster mindful eating and

reach across the table for a healthier

Wow, beautiful poem! :) Thanks for sharing, @skee292!
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Thank you so much @allischaaff! You're too kind.
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