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Criminal Minds is quite possibly the most fucked up show I have ever seen. Not only does it highlight the worst types of people humanity has to offer, but it makes it nearly impossible to stop watching.
Which is why I watched 5 seasons of it over the course of two months. And that was back when the only computer I had was my parents desk top and used google to find all the episodes.
But after years of watching I stared to notice a complete and total rise in paranoia. And it is still occurring today.
Maybe I am just easily influenced but after watching so many Criminal Minds I am convinced that there will be a cannibal living in my garage ready to lunge at me every time I open the door to pull my car in.
I am also convinced that, even before getting into my car, there will be a man laying in the trunk waiting to pop through my back car seats and strangle me.
I sound crazy I know, but hear me out.
I've done some further research (aka google) and discovered that the crimes in all of the episodes were based off of are real crimes! And they aren't even dramatized. If anything they are toned down to not stress out the viewer too much.
Which has completely stressed me out.
Not only is my imagination running wild with fears of a recorded crying baby luring me to my untimely kidnapping, assault and murder, but I now have to realize that there are REAL people who think more messed up shit then I do. (i.e. whoever thought it was okay to make The Human Centipede).
So now I don't even like to sleep alone in my house. Half the team has been attacked by crazies in their own homes and they have much more training then I do. I make sure my doors are double locked and the alarm is on at night. I check every room in the house before I go to sleep. I check under the bed. I honestly have no idea what I would do if I actually found someone in my house, but the idea of not knowing is worse.
It makes the imagination run wild.
I will admit though...I still can't help but watch the show. It is just to insane!
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I love Criminal Minds. One of my favorites. But I agree with you, after watching so many leads us to look at a situation that has occurred in a more Criminal Mind kind of way.