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I still chuckle every time I see this outfit. The head-to-toe purple is dizzying, the sequins make me feel like I'm looking at a kaleidoscope and I just don't even know what to say about the purple pastie. If Lil Kim was hoping that this outfit would be memorable, she definitely achieved her goal, although I'm not sure its memorable in a good way. This was a big WTF fashion moment in pop history, am I right?
When Miley Cyrus thinks it's a great idea to dress up like you for Halloween, you know have gone to a whole new level in crazy, weird fashion.
And then this happened. Diana Ross thought Lil Kim's Lil Kim needed a little extra support.
Lil Kim's famous (or infamous) purple outfit earned her a spot in VH1's top 100 red carpet moments. You do you, Lil Kim.
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If there is a decorative nipple piece in your outfit, you might want to re-think haha