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There are some golden rules for the gym that you'll need to remember.
There are a lot of them, but there are just a few you'll really need to keep in that beefy brain of yours. Put on your muscle hats, because you're gonna learn today!

Put Your Weights Back

If you're strong enough unrack your weights, you're strong enough to rerack your weights. Not only are you making the staff's life more difficult by not putting your weights away, you're making it impossible for some people to locate the last 10-pound plate, because you left it in the stretching section.

Don't Interrupt Someone's Set

If you see someone in the middle of a set, there's nothing that you can say that's important enough to interrupt (unless it's a fire inside the gym -- OK). It takes some work to get into the right mindset for the gym. And if I am trying to get to rep 15, and you decide to interrupt 13, I am going to kinda end you.
I once had a guy interrupt me mid-squat with a lot of weight on my back. He wanted to check if I was done. Of course I wasn't.

Be Mindful Of Gym's Busy Hours

If you're taking ridiculously long breaks between supersets, and you're leaving the equipment/machine vacant for minutes at a time, while not allowing anyone to join in, it interrupts our workout. I once started using a squat rack, and after 5 minutes, a guy came out of nowhere saying he was using the squat rack. Apparently he was resting between a superset. Has this happen to anyone else? Please tell me I am not the only one!

Don't Offer Unsolicited Advice

Most people don't want to hear it. If someone asks for your critique or advice, sure. If not, mind your own business.
My overhead press looks a bit rocky? So does your swinging bicep curls, bruh. Keep it to yourself.