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NBC is expected to announce today that Brian Williams, once host of Nightly News, will not return to the show. It is believed that Brian Williams will remain at the network, serving in a different capacity, but no specifics have been released.
Williams was suspended a few months ago after he repeatedly made false claims about being in a helicopter shot down by enemy fire during the Iraq war.
I, for one, am surprised that NBC is bringing Brian Williams back at all. His misrepresentation of the events not only discredits him as a reporter, but NBC as an entire organization.
I'm not saying that is entirely fair, but any network reporting the news must do its best to establish trust with its audience. After studying public relations, I've learned that in situations like this, it's usually best to cut ties with those that have the potential to discredit your organization.
I've personally always liked Brian Williams as a reporter, until a few months ago that is.
During his tenure on Nightly News, he became one of the most trusted anchors in America as well as one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World. With that reputation comes a lot of responsibility, which Brian Williams proved unable to handle.
We'll see what role NBC gives to Brian Williams, but in my opinion, if they were smart, they'd leave him out of the spotlight, wouldn't they?
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@JordanNash, yeah I wish it weren't so harsh, but at least in the cast of reporting news, it's tough to lets something like that slide.
I totally agree with you. Trust is impossible to get back once you have been caught lying. I think, for the integrity of the network, NBC should not let Brian Williams come back.