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Most people associate wigs with the idea that a person is bald or has little to no hair. Negative. That's where you're wrong.

In case you were wondering, wigs are the new weave. They're both versatile and convenient. I mean who wouldn't love to switch up their look on the daily? I am a huge advocate when it comes to wigs, but believe me I was once one sided and negative minded to the idea of wearing wigs myself. Once again ladies, protective styles are so perfect for allowing your hair to rest and grow -- hence the idea of throwing a wig on every now and then. Who wants to wake up every single morning and go through the hassle of prepping, curling and styling their hair? *crickets* I didn't think so.
To cut your time in half and still look amazing, get you a wig honey! Get rid of the idea that all wigs look 'wiggy'. Trust me, wigs have come a long way and if you know how to pick them -- people will never know it's a wig you're rockin'. If you want your wig to look as natural as possible, lace fronts are your best option. They come with a hairline, baby hair and parting space to make the scalp look as realistic as possible. I urge you to step outside of your shell for just a day and throw on a wig, you never know -- you may just fall in love.

Step #1: The first step in purchasing a wig is making sure the wig fits your head.

Sometimes the cap size is not one size fits all, so ensure that you try on your wig before purchasing. If ordering online -- make sure you choose the correct cap size to your liking.

Step #2: Make sure the wig you choose is one that you can see yourself wearing.

Don't purchase a wig and not wear it. The whole point is to get something that you can wear every now and then. Step outside of your element and get something different than your normal hairstyle. You want people to stare -- for positive reasons, of course.

Step #3: When purchasing a lace front wig, make sure the wig is proportioned to frame your face.

You can add concealer to the lace to create the illusion of a realistic scalp and to ensure your scalp looks even more realistic, you can tweeze the hairs of the lace to create wider parting.

Step #4: Make sure your hair blends with the wig.

The worst thing you can do when wearing a wig is not blend your hair. The point is to have people think you're wearing a sew in and not a wig. You gain major cool points if they actually think it's your hair.

Step #5: The last and final step is to be confident in wearing your wig.

Don't walk around feeling self conscious. You purchased the wig, so rock it with the utmost amount of confidence. You see Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and every other celebrity rockin' their lacefronts with confidence, whose to say you can't do the same?

Ladies, Be Confident! Wear the hair, don't let the hair wear you.

I love wigs!
Me too!!!! @alywoah