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I'm pretty sure when my Mom tried to teach me about the Birds and the Bees I ran away.
Now that I am older however, I see a huge problem in the lack of sexual education in school. Kids are still taught abstinence even though we now live in a world where boys and girls are having sex at a younger age, yet marrying far later in life.
Abstinence only programs do not work. They send teens out into the world with no idea about STDs, the effectiveness of all forms of birth control and the fact that sex is not something to be ashamed of. We no longer live in a time where sex is considered necessary only for child bearing, so don't you think its time that we inform the public that the "pull out" method is not the most effective form of contraceptive?
So Cut Videos decided to film parents trying to talk to their kids about where babies come from and the results are hilarious.
Both parent and child alike battled their way though awkwardness and shock as the words penis, vagina, and special dance were thrown around. And while I cracked up laughing the whole time, I give the parents an A+ for fighting though and explaining whats up.
I have to say, Chase seriously knows his stuff. But I'm pretty sure big brother Nick is gonna get a talking too when they get home.
My mom had good advice. Mostly involving how to be skeptical of everything that has a penis.
Omg, the 'baaaad stuff.' kid is so cute. My mother was always super open about stuff like this. Well, reproductive system talk - not really sex talk. All the sex talk I ever got growing up was when my mom finally let us rent 'Grease' and she kept shouting disclaimers over it like, "GETTING CRAZY OVER A GUY ISN'T REAL. THIS ISN'T REALLY LOVE. IT'S ONLY INFATUATION, AND BOYS HER AGE ONLY THINK WITH THEIR DICKS."
@danidee yeah the idea of my mmlm ever say that word stresses me out lmfao
@danidee that might be the single greatest parenting moment I've ever heard lmfao grease is forever changed for me
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