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If you're ever feeling alone, please bear in mind that your body will ALWAYS love you. No, really. Let that thought sink in for a moment. Your body loves you more than the most caring guardian (apologies in advance, mom) or any lovestruck, hopeless romantic (shoutout to my sentimental dreamers). I promise. Still not totally convinced? Here's my best sales pitch. Your body is spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week keeping you alive for the rest of your life. That's some dedication! It's making sure you're still breathing while you sleep regardless of whether you're a mouth or nose breather. It tries its best to fix any broken bones from sports injuries, or pure clumsiness. It stops cuts, scrapes and puncture wounds from bleeding. It's constantly repairing and healing scars, stitches and sunburn. It's always searching for the best ways to beat the illnesses that are keeping you from working your 9-5 job, attending your best friend's birthday party, or taking a weekend trip to the beach. Bottom line: Your body loves you, so it might be a good time for you to start loving it back.
I always think that the fact that my body allows be to get up out of bed every morning is a miracle. No matter what shape or size, bodies are pretty incredible.
I also love the fact that that's what makes everyone so unique @caricakes