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Lady Gaga has been stunning me lately with her work with Tony Bennett, her new aspirations to return to musical theatre, and are killer Oscars performance.
Last week, Gaga opened the European games with a simple cover of John Lennon's 'Imagine.' There were no frills, no crazy costumes or special effects, just Lady Gaga's incredible voice, her piano, and an entire stadium singing along.
Check her out below and let's hope she finds her place on Broadway soon!

I miss you Gaga!

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sorry everyone but I ment "Slut!" If you all just knew half the stuff I know you'd probably agree with me. Word!
@richardtoth ah, I didnt realize you knew lady gaga so personally.
@caricakes I know more than you think. Word!
@richardtoth okay but since I wasnt talking about her personal life I'd appreciate it if next time you didnt call people out like that on my cards. Thanks.