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Big Bang and EXO (and their fandoms) were recently in a rough patch with the whole Inkigayo and M!Countdown voting problem. Now G-Dragon has (accidentally?) taken it one step further by commenting on EXO and SHINee on TV. Yep, that just happened!
G-Dragon appeared on the June 18th broadcast of the show "News Room" and was asked what he'd say is the difference between Big Bang and other major groups such as EXO and SHINee (who are also currently promoting)?
I really looked forward to his answer because he's never made a statement about other major idol groups before.
His response was quite...unexpected.
“The difference is that we make our own songs, and our music appeals well to the public, and the public also likes these songs.”
I was pretty shocked by his response! Is he implying other groups don't make their own songs that are appealing and liked by the public?
When asked if this wouldn't anger EXO and SHINee fans, GD responded with...
“They could get angry, but there’s nothing I can do because it’s the truth.”
I'm not sure what to make of his answer but that's such a sassy GD response. Calm down GD!
When the interviewer followed up by saying that making one's own song is important, GD responded and made the situation...somewhat better? Worse?
“It can’t be unimportant. For me personally, if I were to sing a song that I received from another composer, I wouldn’t have confidence. I’m not sure about other people, but because I have always expressed myself through the songs I make from a young age, I would be lacking in expression [when singing other people’s songs] compared to other singers.”
Okay? I feel like he just tried to express how important composing his own songs is to him and Big Bang. But I also feel like he put down EXO and SHINee by hinting that they don't do that. What exactly does he mean???
As a Big Bang fan, I always support them but I also don't think of other groups as any less because they've all put in years of hard work to get to where they are today.
Hoping this doesn't start another fan war (it probably will though)!
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it's true exo and shine don't do their own music and I think is because sm don't let them, is sad.
Well everone has their own opinions. gd does make his own music but ofcourse theirs always composer who helps finalize it for him. so lets just say gd was fortunate to be given an opportunity to invest in his own music at such a young age. but all idols work hard and preservere to be where they r now
yg allows his artists to do more of their own composition so they can grow as a person and offer different music style. im sure other company do allow their artists to do it too but they aren't as fortunate to get it release since the company or ceo doesn't approve of it gtn release
Hater going to hate, GD is just giving his opinion and its not that like his saying they suck or something like that. I respect all kpop group but fans are just so aggressive and scary , they just need to relax and enjoy the music because that's what its all about. PEACE
I want to point out that GD is always humble