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You could be just beginning a healthy living or struggling in the middle of your fitness journey, either way you find yourself completely discouraged and unmotivated!
Its times like these when it is very easy to relapse into old habits and give up. I for one have be struggling with living a healthy life since birth so trust me, I know the feeling.
But today is not the day to give up!
Yes you are discouraged and think you will never be happy with your body, but I am here to tell you the top 4 reasons why you are not reaching your goal, and it has nothing to do with the fact that you skipped a few workouts.
1. You've hit a plateau
When you first start working out and eating healthy you can feel the difference. Your body has that good ache and your stomach is never sick from inhaling taco bell. You have so much more energy and you are so excited about your journey to the perfect body.
Except its been a few months and you feel like nothing has changed! It is times like these where it is easy to give up. Progress is the best motivation and when you can't see it, everything seems pointless. Keep in mind it is just a plateau! You are still improving! So make your work outs a bit harder and stick to them. You'll be happy you did.
Tip: Take a before and a lot of progress pictures. When the scale shows you nothing (because it is stupid and no one should trust the scale) the pictures will be more then enough to get you going.
2. You are easily convinced to cheat
It's hard to live a healthy lifestyle when your friends aren't on board with you. It is very easy for them to convince you to skip a workout to hang out or order that side of french fries even when you weren't that hungry to begin with.
Don't get me wrong, I am all about the cheat day. Just make sure it is on your time, not because your friends have convinced you into it!
Tip: Get your friends on their healthy game too! It is a lot more fun when you have people to cook with and workout with...or at least complain with.
3. You doing healthy eating correctly
Speaking of food, there are to many people who think that eating less calories is equal to eating healthy. It isn't. You know what has calories, veggies. You know whats super good for you...VEGGIES.
Eating healthy means making sure your body has enough fuel to burn off. The more you work out the more your body needs. Check out some of the articles skee292 has about healthy eating like her 1500 Calorie Meal Plan! if you need some places to start!
4. You don't love your body.
This one is the hardest of them all. If you don't find a way to love yourself no matter what, it will not matter what pant size you are, and the number on the scale will still make you sick. So you don't have a dream body, News Flash, no one actually does so just stop with the negative vibes you always throw at the mirror.
Self love is the most important part to a healthy lifestyle and until you realize that, your fitness journey will never be completed.