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Learn Gym Jargon Like A Bro
JUICER - Someone who uses steroids. Juicing is also used to describe the use of steroids. Sorry, we're not talking about a vegetable drink here.
EXAMPLE: "Dude be looking like Hulk. He straight up juicin', yo!"
BRO SCIENCE - Word-of-mouth gym knowledge. The most unreliable gym "science" ever.
EXAMPLE: "Bruh, fat can be converted to muscle, bruh."
GAINS - To increase muscularity.
EXAMPLE: "Bruh, I'm about to slam this steak and weights and get ALLL THESE GAINZ."
MAXING OUT - Lifting very heavy weights until you can find the heaviest you can possibly lift, usually for one rep.
EXAMPLE: "Bruh, I'm trying to find out my max on bench press. I think it's like 200lbs for one rep, dawg."
REP - Short for "repetition."
EXAMPLE: One lift movement = a rep.
SET - A set is a group of reps.
EXAMPLE: "Bro-man, I did 'bout five reps for that set. Yooo real talk."
DOMS - Delayed onset muscle soreness. It's also used interchangeably for soreness. It's the pain/stiffness felt after working out.
EXAMPLE: "Dawwwwwwg, I did so many bicep curls, It hurts to help carry my girlfriend's purse."
ASS-TO-GRASS - Squatting really low. Nobody actually touches ass-to-ground when squatting.
EXAMPLE: "YO I squatted so low, it was ass-to-grass!"
HAMMIES - Just another word for "hamstrings," the muscles at the back of your thigh.
EXAMPLE: "These hammies about to get destroyed! Lunges all day!"
SPOTTER - Someone who helps you prevent injury and encourage safety. They help you just in case you're not able to complete the lift for whatever reason.
EXAMPLE: "Bruh dude, spot my bench. I ain't tryin' to get pinned by this weight."
WOD - Workout of the day.
BULKING - A period of time when someone is trying to gain weight/muscle/size/fat/mass.
EXAMPLE: Bruh, I'm bulking. I'm slamming pizza and weight-gainers every hour dude.
CUTTING - Decreasing body fat to better showcase muscularity.
EXAMPLE: "Bruh, I'm slamming boiled chicken breasts and running everyday -- it sucks so bad dude. :("
'MIRIN - Admiring your or someone else's physique.
EXAMPLE: "Bruh I'm 'mirin that giant juicehead. I want to be that guy to further hinder my picking-up women skills!"
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