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You didn't choose the dry scalp life, the dry scalp life chose you.

It's snowing in July! Oh wait, nope. That's just my hair. Dandruff. One word, eight letters we literally hate. You can't wear black without worrying about looking like you just walked through the North Pole and your scalp is going head to head with your fingers in a scratching war. Your scalp obviously won.
Yes, it is rather irritating. No, you don't have to deal with it for the rest of your life. If you're wondering how you can reverse the evil curse that was set upon you -- give it up. You can't reverse it, but you can prevent it. These easy and affordable cures for dry scalp and dandruff have worked in the future for others. With a positive outlook and the urge to stop scratching every five seconds, they're guaranteed to work for you as well.

Alakazam. Alakablam. Dandruff be gone ASAP! Wham!

Still there? Hmm, maybe it's best you stick to the old fashion way. If not, you can always try out these three all natural remedies to cure that annoying dandruff.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

If Dr. Oz is a fan, than you know it's pretty amazing. Do apple cider vinegar rinses in between washing your hair. Make sure to dilute the apple cider vinegar with water. The acidity of the ACV will regulate the pH of your scalp in a positive manner creating a barrier for dandruff to reproduce.

Olive Oil:

Doing hot oil treatments ever so often will not only protect your scalp from build up and dirt, but they will also make your hair more manageable.

Tea Tree Oil:

This specific essential oil and its anti-fungal qualities is great for killing bacteria. Use this as you would any oil and coat your scalp. Doing this will moisturize your hair while treating your dreaded scalp issues.