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Ever wondered which Pokemon Big Bang members would be? Well, it's time to find out!
Maknae Seungri would be the adorable little Togepi carried around by GD instead of Misty. They are both mischievous and often get in trouble, Seungri likes to get his hyungs in trouble just like Togepi often does with Pikachu.
Choom TOP would definitely be Roselia. No one can pull off beautiful and fabulous like the two of them. If you watch his Bae Bae MV, they even having matching spiky hair!
Dewott most reminds me of Taeyang just by the looks and I feel that it's very fitting of his dancing skills. And they both look equally badass!
This one doesn't really need an explanation. Look at those Daesung and Geodude muscles!
Is this one too obvious? G-Dragon...Dragonaire. Either ways, they book look dashing and this would definitely work out well.
SEUNGRI IS THE BEST AS ALWAYS. Just kidding. GD's okay too, I guess.
@poojas lol yasss very adorable
@poojas the good wow!!
Lol wow
awwww Togepi <333 This strangely makes me like seungri more :)
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