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I did a lot of flying in 2007. I was basically working on both US Coasts and flying between Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA every few weeks. I started taking one of those clip-boards that opened up and had space inside for paper and pens, etc... I would carry a few Sharpie pens, some pencils, and a stack of vellum 120lb matte cardstock. I remember seeing a magazine that someone who'd sat in the seat before me must have left behind. It was a People or Us or something along those lines. Full of tabloid stuff. There was an interview with Natalie Portman regarding cutting all of her hair off for her role in "V for Vendetta" - I guess the magazine was older since that movie had come out the year before.
Off course "V for Vendetta" was published by Vertigo - a subsidiary of DC Comics - So to those people who were so "Why is Natalie Portman doing a comic book movie" when she showed up as Jane Foster in Marvel Comic's "Thor" big screen adaptation I have to point out that she's already jumped into that pool. And whereas the film wasn't well received (V for Vendetta), her performance in the film was widely praised.
Regarding the style that I used when I drew this - From about 2000 until 2012 - I was caught up in a deconstruction phase - I wanted to take any portrait or image I was going to illustrate down to its most basic elements. The quest for me was to use as few lines as possible to create a recognizable - unmistakable - portrait of the subject. I used negative space (white untouched space on the cardstock) and just a few hints of shadow to create shape and frame the features of my subject. This is one of my favorite examples of my work from that time. I'd rough sketch the outline in pencil - then use the sharpie to come back and set the final lines onto the cardstock.
This is so cool! It looks like a screen print so for it to be sharpie makes it that much sweeter
This is incredible, @JonPatrickHyde. Beautiful! I had no idea you were so talented in this area, too! :D
Thank you! That's such a wonderful compliment! :D
This is amazing! You really captured her expression
@JonPatrickHyde I certainly will! :D I saw on another card where you said looking through a lens has enabled you to draw better, with more detail. I think that's something a lot of people haven't considered. I certainly hadn't. It's a very wise observation.
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