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June 18th was a big day in music. Let's throw it back with three significant events from yesterday's music world featuring The Sex Pistols, Paul McCartney and Fleetwood Mac.

1. Paul McCartney was born on this day in 1942.

Celebrate Paul's birthday by backtracking into his amazing discography. My personal favorites include Band on the Run by his first project out of The Beatles, Wings, and Live and Let Die, a song he produced for James Bond.

2. In 1977 Johnny Rotten and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols were assaulted outside of a pub by a group of men who protested their anti-monarchical song "God Save the Queen".

3. Fleetwood Mac Charted for the only time in the US on this day with their song, "Dreams" in which Stevie Nicks wrote in 10 minutes.

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Three great ones! Nice card!