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It's been all over the news. GAP is having some trouble in the financial department and is planning on closing a quarter of their stores in North America, 175 locations. Because I'm really sad and nostalgic about this (as it could symbolize the downfall of the company), here is a look back at GAP in it's heyday.
In 1969, GAP opened selling only jeans and music. They later stopped selling music and expanded their clothing options. They also started making their own jeans and clothes, like the pocket t-shirt. Mick Jagger wore one of GAP's pocket t-shirts in 1985 on stage.
Remember their amazing commercials? Who doesn't love a bunch of people in khakis swing dancing? And the songs they used always got stuck in my head.
The "Mellow Yellow" commercial made us all want to go out and shop our hearts out at GAP. The commercial also featured Rashinda Jones before she made it big in TV shows, such as The Office and Parks and Rec.
In 1988, the "Individuals of Style" campaign featured pictures shot by legendary photographer Anne Leibowitz.
In 1992, for Vogue's 100th anniversary edition, all the supermodels on the cover wore GAP.
Madonna and Missy Elliot starred in a GAP commercial in 2003.
The GAP sweatshirt was what all the cool kids wore at school when I was growing up. In The Social Network, Jesse Heisenberg who plays Mark Zuckerburg rocks a GAP sweatshirt.
I used to be so jealous of all the kids who had a GAP sweatshirt.
In 2009, GAP outfitted all of the traders at the New York Stock Exchange in GAP pants to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand.
In 2011, a song on Glee took place in a GAP store.
Here's to hoping the store that has been such a big part of our lives will stick around for a while longer.