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In true Throwback Thursday fashion, let's look at our favorite teen psychic's craziest early 2000's outfits that had us shaking our heads and saying, "That's SO Raven." If you were wondering what's happened since the early 2000's preteen favorite, check out the cast today.
1) This shirt over a dress over pants.
Embroidered flare jeans, at that. Did you do this early 2000's layering trick? I am embarrassed to say I did quite often. So this might technically be from a promo for the show, but Raven definitely layered like crazy and went for embroidered denim wherever possible.
2) This grandma costume.
Raven's visions often lead to crazy plots to fix the future, and outlandish costumes often resulted. This fat grandma costume is a perfect representation of how one of Raven's schemes wouldn't quite work in practice, thanks to her odd fashion fixes.
3) This patchwork suit and tie combo.
Not only did Raven love prints, but she loved anything matchy-matchy. This outfit makes her look super serious and businesslike, plus, it let her layer some more.
4) This take on the school uniform.
When the high school began to enforce school uniforms, of course Raven took a stand and blinged hers out.
5) This french artist costume.
Raven's idea of frenchman for another post-vision costume was perfectly coordinated and hilariously stereotypical. Her beret and matching tie told us all how serious she was, and those glasses obviously made her look smarter
6) This rainbow number.
Never afraid of a loose and flowy shirt (she would just belt it!) Raven opted for this tie-dye-esque top in a series of eye-stinging shades of lime green.
7) This furry coat.
Raven had tons of (faux) fur-trimmed sweaters and coats that kept her cozy in the breezy San Francisco weather, and made her the envy of all preteen girls who watched the show.
If you could gaze into the future, you might think life would be a breeze (life is a breeze). But Raven's fashions show us that psychic teens struggled through the aughts with just as many troubles as regular teens. Self-proclaimed fashionistas like Raven were no exception.
loved this card, looking forward to next week's Throwback Thursday!
As much as I loved taht's so raven i'm really glad i never thought it would be smart to take fashoin tips from her hahah