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Today's poem of the day comes from Lyric of the Day #14. It is brought to us Sam Cooke, and his song "When a Boy Falls in Love"
"He's up and he's gone there's no breakfast for him
'cause he lives on the love of his sweet little gem
Before long he must talk to his girl on the phone
That's how it is when a boy falls in love"
Being in love
is like a bullet-fast train
keep moving forward
can't stop, won't.
to be in love with you
is like this best meal
I ever had
like lickin' my fingers,
you've left me needing more
Every conversation we have
is over too soon
I want to be with you
and see you
and watch your mouth move
just for the honor
of being
in love with you.
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Yes it is! Good eye/ear!
@MattK95 it's the same guy. And he's the best. Check out the card and the collection (Lyrics of the Day)!
@jeff4122 thanks for the link, he is awesome, I love his music!
@VinMcCarthy thanks :)
@MattK95 I'm with you all the way!