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You've seen the original, now see 'Jurassic World' the way that it was intended to be seen - with weiner dogs.
YouTube vlogger Nostalgia Critic has created a gripping trailer where wild, unbridled dachshunds break out of captivity. And these weenies are hungry. Hungry for flesh.
Am I the only one who thinks this film needs to be made? Someone create a Kickstarter. Now now now now.
(Also, shout-out to my friend @JonPatrickHyde. If this video doesn't motivate you to make your Game of Thrones cat parody, I don't know what would.)
@MattK95 I'll have to show you Belle one day. We even have a hot dog costume for her. :)
@danidee YAAAAAS!!!! I'm totally gonna adopt one at the soonest possible moment ^^
@MattK95 OMG REALLY? I have a dachshund. I used to be obsessed with them from afar growing up, and then once I was in my twenties, I was able to adopt one. She's 7 now and she's so cuteee. She's a long-haired one so she looks like a real lady.
Did I ever mention that I find Dachshunds the most adorable dogs ever XD, this was so cute!!! And funny :)
That was soo funny. had my friend with me who was holding her weenie dog while watching this. laughed so hard
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