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Do your salads need spicing up? Sandwiches getting boring? Look no further than the quick-pickle to zest up your vegetables and add a burst of flavor to your food!
Quick-pickling is incredibly easy, and the resulting flavorful vegetables can be used in so many ways: over salad, in sandwiches, on burgers, in a slaw, in egg or tuna salad, as a cool and crunchy summer side... the possibilities are endless!


Whisk a little salt and a little sugar into white vinegar. Pour over thinly-sliced raw vegetables. Wait 20 minutes. Eat. It's that simple!
Here's a recipe that will allow you to practice your quick-pickling:
This kitchen hack inspired by Epicurious!
@jeff4122 *groan* XD hahahaha. My mistake, sir, my mistake
I think you mean a QUICKLE.
I'm going to need to try this. I love kitchen hacks!
I love the quick pickle! A little rice vinegar + salt + agave is also a great quick pickle combo
@Gavriella Oh wow that sounds awesome as well! Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try :)