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So you aren't in a relationship, what a shame. Not.
Its the summer and this is the best time to be single! Who wants to cuddle when its hot as fuck outside? No one. So while your couple friends have to worry about sweaty hand holding, your hands are totally free to grab the next fruity drink some hottie buys for you.
And trust me, thats not the only reason why being single totally kills it.
1. You don't have to worry about anyone else's plans
The summer is jammed pack with awesome stuff to do. There is BBQ's, beach days, bar night and camping trips that are all shoved into every weekend. When you're single you get to go to only the ones you want to go to! You pick and choose where you end up because you don't have to confer with anyone else. Your friend has to miss camping weekend because her boyfriends family is having a BBQ...tragic.
You'll somehow find the time to feel bad in-between smores and drunk skinny dipping.
2. You can flirt your ass off
Those long summer nights are usually spent seated at a bar, or dancing on top of one. Everyone is home from school or trying to let loose after work which means tons of people to flirt it up with! Even if you don't want anything but a few drinks, flirting is the best way to past the time at a bar. And because you're single you don't have to worry about anyone getting jealous or possessive.
3. The Dating Game is awesome
Because there are so many cool events happening all summer, dates go from dinner to drive in movies, concerts and rooftop parties. What better way to enjoy the single life then my meeting new people and experiencing new things. Plus its always so exciting, having the butterflies and getting ready and daydreaming about what can happen!
4. Sometimes its nice to just enjoy time to yourself
On complete picture perfect days its nice to just be able to lay outside and read or relax by yourself. While summer is a time for parties and adventure even the biggest wild child needs a breather. When you're single you are free to choose this day whenever you want, turn off your phone and just lounge.
5. You answer to no one
Sure, you may sleep alone (some nights) but you also have a freedom that all your paired up friends don't. You get to go anywhere, do anything, and leave with anyone you want. No waiting till they finished their beer, or worrying about if they are tired or if they are going too say something stupid.
So stop feeling down because you don't have someone. You don't need anyone. Single means freedom and that means you answer to no one.
@shannonl5 honestly i feel like most posts about being single don't show the fun awesome side of it! This needs to be changed lol
I was thinking of making thos too and you hit all the points I wanted to hit! Though a guys side might be a little different
This is so true. I'm having such a fun time being independent!
@EddiePozo it would be AWESOME to see the guys side! Let me know if you post one! It would be amazing to see the differences and similarities