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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a cult classic and one of my personal favorite television shows. One of the best things about this show? It ran from the late ninetees into the early 2000's, which means it has some pretty top notch fashion to pour over. Here are the lessons in dressing I've learned from the show.
All for mini skirts, mini skirts for all.
In this first season promo, the girls are all appropriately wearing their shortest mini skirts for school. Apparently in high school, even the nerds wear barely-there minis, and rely on sweet prints to show their naivete, while the mean girl shows her fierceness with leopard. The female members of the scooby gang rock mini skirts throughout the first season, day or night, rain or shine, and so should you.
A long skirt shows sophistication when paired with any and everything.
In this fourth season episode, Buffy and Willow are new to college, and have a new grown-up lifestyle to adjust to. The best way to communicate your feminist sophistication? With a long flowing skirt, even when paired with the dorkiest of sneakers. In this late 90's age, a long skirt is perfectly Lilith Fair, and Buffy's school folders tell everyone just how serious she is.
Jewelry can be a layering piece.
This is from the seventh season, so it's pretty on-par with early 2000's fashion. Even during somber times like the Apocalypse, Buffy knows how to give an outfit some sass. Despite her black turtleneck, she layers silver hoops and chains over her clothes like a true star of the aughts. I just wonder what that pocket chain says.
The bad guys can always be distinguished by their penchants for leather.
Though leather pants are generally a beloved garment in this show, you can usually spot the evil in their clothing. Willow's evil doppelganger wears head-to-toe leather, as the heavy fabric really shows off her dark side. Contrast this with the pastel, fuzzy fabrics other characters turn to.
A crop-top is appropriate for all serious occasions.
Buffy never was into wearing workout gear when she went patrolling for vampires. From her late-night patrols to her study sessions on vampires and demons with the whole gang, no sartorial choice was off-limits. Hoop earrings and crop tops made common appearances, along with plenty of leather and mini skirts. Learn from Buffy and bare some midriff.
A sweater draped over your shoulders tells people you're posh.
Cordelia was probably talking about her vacation in St. Tropez here, but even if she wasn't, we'd know she has tons of money and is super sophisticated just because of that matching tank top and the sweater tied over her shoulders. Her perfectly preppy look never goes out of style.
Overalls are the new sweatpants.
On Buffy, characters who are tired, sick, and overworked (from high school to vampire hunting and beyond) often don overalls as their go-to antifashion choice. You never see a character in sweatpants, but in true 90's fashion, overalls are popular amongst characters. Like the less-appealing sweats, they communicate a kind of sloppiness rarely seen on the ever-stylish Buffy, but look better and trendier for the times.
Go forth, watch (it's all on Netflix), and do take fashion notes.
thanks, @christianmordi! I'm a huge Buffy fan, too. I will definitely make more cards like this :)
loved the show, pretty cool card to show their influence in the fashion world.. more cards like this please!