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1. Arrange your fitness goals to fit your needs.
2. Beat down negative thoughts and discouragements.
3. Blend cardio and strength training.
4. Check your progress.
5. Cool down muscles through stretching.
6. Decorate your body with the newest workout attire.
7. Form your body into the shape that suits you.
8. Lay down the rules and follow them.
9. Lift weights.
10. Melt away body fat.
11. Mix different fitness routines into your schedule.
12. Pour your heart and soul into your workout.
13. Prepare your mental status.
14. Pull down on lat machines.
15. Reduce your calorie intake.
16. Reheat meal preps.
17. Replace junk food with clean greens.
18. Roast your vegetables.
19. Scrape the excess fat away.
20. Separate your hydration from your nutrition.
21. Set realistic milestones.
22. Soak in an ice bath.
23. Spread your gym sessions out.
24. Sprinkle your sweat all over the treadmill.
25. Stir every emotion inside of you.
26. Taste the blood, sweat and tears.
27. Toss back vitamins.
28. Turn your head away from fatty foods.
29. Twist your body in a new yoga pose.
30. Wrap your head around a healthy lifestyle.