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5 times Marvel made us sob uncontrollably

It's a good time to be a Marvel fan. We're getting new releases in theaters and on tv every few months, with plenty of awesome things to look forward to over the next years. But it's all fun and games until your favorite character punches you right in the feels. You know the feeling.
Misery loves company, so if we're all gonna be sad, we might as well be sad together, right? Here are five moments I know I'm never going to recover from.

With you 'til the end of the line

Who gave Sebastian Stan the right to do this to us? Does he not know how much pain he's caused? How many sleepless nights? His expression shifts from homicidal supersoldier to shell-shocked and frightened in seconds. As if everthing else going on in this scene wasn't enough, he had to go and be a good actor. CC'd: Chris Evans, who is equally to blame for ruining our lives.

Does this subject make you edgy?

As heartwrenching as Tony's sacrifice during The Battle of New York in the first Avengers movie was, this scene in Iron Man 3 beats it in terms of maximum sob factor. For so long, our heroes have been untouchable. They get beat up sure, but they always come back. At most, we see them shedding one very manly tear (usually after a girlfriend gets fridged). Here, we see Tony Stark having a panic attack. If you haven't had one, I don't recommend it. His response at the beginning of the movie, asking Jarvis if he's been poisoned or his heart is giving out is painfully accurate. Whether you're hurting for Tony, or hurting with Tony, these moments put your heart through a meatgrinder.

Hold my hand

There's something about orphans that automatically ups the sad factor. The opening scene in Guardians of the Galaxy goes from zero to "OH MY GOD WHY" in almost no time. Sure, plenty of movies start with dead moms (or in the case of the recent Star Trek film- dead dads). But the sense of an opportunity being lost isn't explored that often- and this scene captures that feeling of loss so poignantly. It feels like we get to understand this kid's grief in a very adult way. We can see the years ahead of him without her, the moments he won't get to have. Because why not start out a lighthearted movie with the unspeakable sadness of death? It's the most sadistic movie opening since "Up".

I didn't do it for him

Just when we were starting to like Loki again, he turns around and does something stupidly heroic to get himself killed. (Sure, he comes back, but how were we to know that at the time)? Thor goes from denial, to anger, to practically begging Loki to stay with him by promising to tell their father what he did. Loki dies, and with his last breath he confesses that all he's done was for his brother. It feels so wrong- Loki is a trickster, not a martyr. And yet here he is, demolishing our expectations and ruining our lives. How often do we see an antagonist like Loki have such an intimate moment of truth?

'Bye my darling

I din't know if anyone picked up on this, but somehow Captain America has managed to steal my heart (he then proceeded to grind it up in his supersoldier fists before throwing it out of a plane without a parachute). Peggy is one of my all-time favorite characters, and this scene is one of her best. Hayley Atwell performs with such grace, her character's grief is palpable. She's letting go of someone she loved, reliving the sorrow we saw in CA: The First Avenger. It's a quiet moment that feels like someone running a steamroller all over your emotions.
the guardians of the galaxy scene got me so hard. WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE HER HAND YOU STUPID LITTLE BASTARD
Awww @poojas me too!
I definitely sobbed during that Loki scene. It was so convincing! Glad he came back though!
You're right @christianmordi I think in a lot of ways Loki was kind of the saving grace of those films. His arcs are so compelling and I think he adds a very human element to an otherwise other worldly story. I'm glad someone else liked the movies though! Do you have a favorite part?
Gotta say, that Loki moment in the film was well done. They really built him up as a character to dislike. Very touching moment, even for a bad-guy.. lol. Many people knock the Thor movies, but I thought they were pretty good
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