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There is a cry that comes from the depths of mans soul that pleads to be heard. The mournful sound of a lone rose calls for understanding to melt the crystalization of mornings dew upon its flesh and warm the heart with the light of love. Yet man hides from the very thing he thirsts for although with him it has always been seated upon the throne of his eternal being. Freedom from winters chill stands within the petals of his own blossom, waiting for man to open his eyes to see the spark of life that glows with every beat of his heart. It is only then that the harsh frozen landscape becomes fertile with the birth of spring. When the waters of life flow again. bringing change in her wake. Then the song of hope and realization will come in place of mournful loneliness when the rose of empty dispare can caress the truth within and know... The crystalization of mornings dew upon its flesh is her love sprinkled as a blessing of life on the unlit hearth of man before he looked to the throne of his eternal being. Written By... Charlene Boush / Dramilla
very glad you like it.
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The word crystalization makes appearances here a few times....really like it! Thanks!