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In the twenty-something haze of parties, work, booze and friends, we often sacrifice our sleep to keep it together. What we're losing, isn't just Z''s our minds.
Aside from just feeling generally lousy, we've got a lot more at stake. A study of aorund 1,700 men and women found that men who slept fewer than 6 hours had an increased risk of death despite all other factors.
Just one night of sleep deprivation can increase your risk for brain tissue loss and fragmentation too.
After one night of sleep deprivation you're more likely to have an accident, catch a cold, get more emotional and even worse, lose that precious brain tissue that never grows back.
My eyes age every day because I don't sleep enough. Early on in my life I just didn't care enough about it, now I need it to survive, we all do.
I'm guilty of not putting enough stake in my sleep cycle. I choose long hours over long z's but if we can just be a little more conscious of how our lack of sleep effects our lives, then we'll be one step closer to getting it together.
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