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Cue the jokes about Madonna kissing Drake.
Amy confirmed on Twitter this morning that she'll be opening the New York City shows of Madonna's tour on September 16, 17 and 19.
She made the announcement in true Amy Schumer fashion. The comedian, who seems to have no shame (in an awesome way) posted an embarrassing home video of her singing Like A Prayer as a kid.
Maybe Amy will use this opportunity to perform her famous song "Girl You Don't Need Makeup".
There's no word yet as to what Amy Schumer will be performing while she opens for Madonna, but I hope it's similar to the comedy she does on her series, Inside Amy Schumer.
Her series touches on a lot of topics that plenty of cable shows shy away from like STDs and body image.
Madonna's tour could be an entirely new audience for her. While I assume she'll keep the tone light because people are actually there for Madonna, I hope she keeps her style of funny jokes with a little bit of depth to them.