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Once in a while we come across some incredible fanart that exceeds all expectations and shows how dedicated fans are to their favorite groups. I came across this Epik High - Born Hater fanart by DeviantArt-ist VeRoaYm today and it looks amazing! I love all the details the artist captured from the MV!
Tablo with all those roaches on him was such a gross scene in the MV, but I love the "hater-remover" spray in the background. Need one of those!
DJ Tukutz was probably the best-dressed and only sane looking person in the MV with his soundboard.
Mithra and his food addition...not gonna lie, that pizza does look pretty good!
This scene was so funny, especially when B.I came over to peek at the magazines.
And then there's Beenzino, not caring about anything. His rap was my favorite in this song!
Mino was having way too much with the baseball bat, especially when he was bossing around B.I.
Bobby's part was just a huge Show Me The Money 3 reference. Look at all that bling & cash!
Finally there's B.I. being the good one and cleaning up after everyone's mess. "That's no-no!"
I'd love to discover more K-pop fanart, so if you make fanart or find good fanart, please post it to the community. I'd love to add it to my collection ^_^