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A lovely, black and blue bruise the size of your fist magically appears on your leg and gives you a warm welcome in the morning. You say to yourself, "When the hell did I get that?" You rub it, poke it, maybe even stare at it for a couple minutes and wonder how you're going to be able to wear that short, yet adorable dress you bought for the cookout on Saturday (first world problems, I know). You're looking for fast and effective ways to get rid of this stubborn mark. Well, for those of you who bruise like a cantaloupe, your prayers have been (hopefully) answered.

Vitamin C

Helps strengthen capillaries and makes you less prone to crating bruises. If you want to eat away your bruises make sure to grab some oranges, bell peppers and pineapples since they're all loaded with vitamin C.

Ice it

For all you athletes out there, you can relate to this the most. Applying ice on a fresh bruise will minimize swelling. Also, the cold will constrict blood vessels and eliminate it from spreading.
You should never apply ice directly to the skin. Always use an ice pack or a cold compress. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Aloe vera

This soothing, natural gel has the ability to regenerate cells while minimizing scarring. You can get it directly from the plant, or pick it up at your local drug store, but it's most effective if you apply it to clean skin.


This cream works wonders in reducing any swelling, discoloration and discomfort in a bruised area. Also, the sooner you apply Arnica, the more effective it will be in healing your bruise.

whoa..thanks for these wonderful tips. will d effect instant or endure patiently?
I would definitely say be patient! @suranimh they should be going away within a couple days or so