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Julia Child knows a thing or two about cooking. I love this quote from her because, while it definitely applies in the kitchen, it also feels like it could apply to life in general. Be fearless; try new things; learn from your mistakes; and above all, have fun – heck, I can see myself years from now, giving the same advice to my kids before I send them off to college. Maybe I'll just hang a poster of it in the kitchen, and they can internalize it throughout their early years...
Before I get WAY too ahead of myself, let me just say that, in my experience, Ms. Child's suggestions are golden. When you're learning to cook (as I am right now), sometimes you have to take risks. You certainly have to try new recipes (especially if you don't want pasta, toast, or eggs for every meal). Sometimes you need to improvise, and when you mess up, you learn from it. But your risks and detours and mistakes will all pay off someday (when, for example, you triumphantly serve perfectly-caramelized individual crème brûlées at your next dinner party). And that's how life works, too; maybe we're at our happiest when we're unafraid of taking risks, when we get right back up after getting knocked down, and when we decide that we're just gonna have fun with it! Be inspired by Julia Child today, and have fun trying a new recipe in this big kitchen we call life! (Hmm. Did that metaphor work, or...?)
@danidee Hahaha. I'd love to hear an example! ;)
I've made some pretty delicious mistakes. And as a result, ended up with a whole bunch of invented recipes where I have to defend it like "It's delicious! I promise!"
I grew up watching Julia Child on PBS and I still love her. She found her passion later in life and she ROCKED it. @danidee I actually also use fig jam as a substitute a lot of the time because it's so full of flavor. And I'm not a big fan of hot sauce but I adore kimchi so I'm definitely gonna steal that tip!
I tend to use Trader Joe's fig jam as a substituting condiment much more than I'd imagine most people do. I also tend to throw kimchi into everything instead of adding hot sauce. I like the vinegary flavor plus the heat. I've put it in anything from taco filling to pasta dishes to even panini-style sandwiches and my sister gets so grossed out lol.