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Whether you're lifting weights, playing basketball, or doing yoga, your workout attire doesn't have to be lame or boring. To me, it was refreshing to go to the gym with cool kicks and graphic tees. It also helps meeting new people -- if you're in the social mood.

Moxy Socks

Moxy Socks have these badass, creative socks. I bought socks from there before, and they are so worth it. They are also great for deadlifting, because they protect your shins from skin rips from the barbell.
Check out some of the socks they have here.

Chuck Taylors

If you're going to do any lifting, Chuck's have some of the bad-ass shoes you can find out there. If you're not planning on doing any cardio, these shoes are appropriate to show the gym world that you have style, and you're about to slam serious weight.
Check out some of the shoes they currently have here.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic has awesome graphic tees. They can be gym-related, or they can just be super-duper fun/ny.
Check out some of their tees here.