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Guac Never Turns Brown - Easy DIY
You know what I'm talking about. Ten minutes after you made the best guac ever (that cost you $5 and about 8 minutes to make) the damn batch goes BROWN! WTF?!?!?!
And like you, I've tried everything (that never works):
* More lime juice...
* Keeping the pits in the guac...
* Saran wrap...

Until I discovered the magic of WATER.

After you made your epic guacamole, flatten the surface and GENTLY add 1/2 inch layer of COLD WATER.
Don't worry! The water isn't going to mix with your stuff. It's going to create an air-tight barrier between your guac and the air that makes it turn disgusting.
When you're ready to serve, simply pour the water out, stir and you're done!
Continue to add chilled water to the top and refrigerate. Eventually, your guac will turn brown after being exposed to air every time you bring it out to eat. But, honestly, if your guac is still sitting around after 48 hours then you need a better recipe because EPIC GUACAMOLE gets eaten in one sitting.
Keep reading for Chipotle's Guacamole Recipe (from their website).
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This is actually why I can't really stand eating guacamole anymore. The moment I put it on anything, I feel like I'm making some sort of time commitment. Like I HAVE to eat this by a certain time before it turns into something gross! I need to try this guacamole cheat next time.
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You and me both! And every time I eat guac I feel like I just inhaled 60 cupcakes! I then collapse on the couch and drift to sleep to the noise of Real Housewives...
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