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How To Make Friends This Summer - DIY

Dear Vinglers,
This is a progressive DIY aimed at solving a common problem: How To Make Friends...
With these ingredients, follow along precisely, as your summer friendships can begin in as little as 24 hours!
Slice lengthwise, then scoop out insides to make them hollow. What you do with the actual pink watermelon is your business. I won't tell.
Follow what I say--DO NOT DEVIATE:
1. In a bowl, add Jello mix and unflavored gelatin. (trust me, there's a reason for the extra gelatin)
2. Add 4 cups of boiling water, whisking until everything is dissolved.
3. Then add 4 cups of vodka, whisking everything together.
Pour the mixture evenly in each of the watermelon halves.
CHILL in the fridge for at least four hours. You want this to set up all the way!
Now you're set to make as many friends as your watermelon has slices!
Slice into watermelon about 1-inch slices.
Then cut each slice into magnificent friendship triangles. More slices = more friends.
In a span of 10 minutes (or less), you can have at least 50 BRAND NEW SUMMER FRIENDS!
I laughed the entire time I read this. 50 FRIENDS!! I can't wait.
I stay away from alcohol myself, but these look so attractive.
Yes yes and yes again!
I will, with photos icluded. 🍉
Awesome! Please report back how it went and if your boozy jello stole the show! lol
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실크스크린 체험: 비키룸
실크스크린으로 엽서, 파우치, 노트 등을 만들어 볼 수 있는 체험공간 남포동 비키룸 카페라고 알고 있는 분들이 많던데 엄밀히 말하면 실크스크린 체험공간이다. 전문적인 카페가 아니기 때문에 음료의 퀄리티는 기대말자. 메뉴가 실크스크린 체험+음료로 구성되어 있는데, 기본 구성은 엽서이고 추가비용을 지불하면 파우치나 노트로도 변경 가능하다. 체험으로 내가 직접 만들어 볼 수도 있지만, 실크스크린을 이용해 만든 가방, 포스터, 파우치, 엽서, 컵 등 다양한 굿즈도 구매할 수 있다. 신발은 반쯤 벗고 나 뭐하니.. 커피 종류는 드립팩 뿐. 직접 내려 마시는 재미가 이찌요👻 한 켠에 따로 공간이 있는데 이 곳에선 실스크스린 클래스가 진행되는 듯 하다. 클래스가 아닌 일반 체험은 따로 공간이 나뉘어 있지 않고, 계산대 옆쪽에서 바로 이루어진다. 몇 가지의 도안 중 원하는 디자인을 고르고 또 원하는 컬러를 고르면 선생님(?)께서 체험을 도와주신다. 정작 내가 하는거라곤 물감을 얇게 펴는 것 밖에 없지만, 완성된 결과물을 보면 괜히 뿌듯하고 신기하다. 내가 만든 파우치! 파우치가 너무 새하얀 백색에 빳빳한 소재라 인위적인 느낌이 좀 아쉽긴 했지만 사이즈도 실용적이고 튼튼해서 나름 만족. 같이 간 동생이 만든 파우치 시강✨ 커플들이 데이트 하러 많이 오던데, 실크스크린이라는 아이템으로 요런 공간을 만들어낸 아이디어가 참 괜찮다고 생각했다. 실크스크린은 대학 때 수업으로도 해봤었지만 내 돈 주고 하니 더 재밌는걸😝 근처 젠틀몬스터 쇼륨 구경하고 남포동 나들이 끄읕!
Six Healthy Snacks that Keep You Hydrated
Whether you’re outside playing a game, or enjoying a nice afternoon hike on your favorite nature trail, staying hydrated is crucial especially when the weather gets warmer. But, what happens when you’re feeling parched and you find yourself stuck at your 9-5 desk job? It’s easy to grab that Coke from the vending machine, or pick up the cupcake in the communal kitchen; however, choosing those items over water will arguably keep you more dehydrated. Below, you will find a list of alternative snacks that are filled with fluids and keep you feeling guilt-free throughout the day. Watermelon You can dice them or cut into small wedges to create bite size pieces. Pick up with a toothpick or fork to reduce sticky fingers and having to run to the sink to rinse your hands every 5 minutes. Celery If you love crunchy textures, celery is the perfect alternative to chips, pretzels, and crackers. Celery is 95% water and filled with potassium and vitamin K and can easily be paired with peanut butter or hummus to add some extra flavor. Cucumbers Filled with vitamin B6 and K, cucumbers are refreshing to eat and hydrating to the body, which is why you see a lot of people wearing them over their eyes or in a facial mask. Mix in a salad or eat them alone to get the maximum hydration needed as your day progresses. Strawberries This berry is a healthy sweet treat option that’s loaded with vitamin C and Fiber. Throw some into your yogurt or make a nice summer salad with a low-fat dressing to keep you feeling full and hydrated. Grapefruit If you’re in the mood for a snack that’s both tangy and citrus flavored, then grapefruit is the perfect option. It not only lowers your cholesterol, but also shrinks your waistline for those looking to lose a couple extra pounds. It’s easy enough to slice it in half and eat it right out of the rind. Cantaloupe Both sweet and nutritious, this fruit provides high levels of vitamin A and C, while being a low calorie snack. You can freeze it into sherbet, or puree it, and add it into your favorite smoothie.