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Did we have these pictures before? Oppa looks hot even when he is yawning......
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@neaa ohh sorry I missed it! I'm traveling a bunch for Holidays and stuff. Yay, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!! its such a perfect friendship story! Wish Korea did more of those :)
i know.. i'm watching school 2013.. minus a hot's like it..the show has some real good friendship..evidently clouded right now.. but it's worth a watch..
what do u mean evidently clouded? the friendship? I watched the first two episodes but the drama didnt grab me. the teacher is too emotional and self-righteous. it feels like a cliche. does it get better?
it kinda does!! nam soon has a guy friend and a shady history.. those two used to be friends.. i like the show.. mainly because most of the currently airing shows are slow!