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During summer, I'm pretty chill with my hair. I don't want to spend too much time styling the hair if I'm running errands or going on a short trip. By the way, if you're going a road trip carrying your flat iron and other styling tool is very inefficient and it takes up your bag space.
So, what I love to do is throw on a headband to create a fun look with minimum effort. You can basically roll out of bed, put a cute headband on and you're set. Who wouldn't like that? If you're looking for inspiration, check out these headband styles.

The Turban Headband

This is the simplest 'do for summer! Wear it over your loose hair or throw it over your forehead...either way you'll look tur-rific!

The T-Shaped Headband

Head jewelry are hot this season and there's not reason to not get one of those on your hair. Plus, it instantly add some glamour to even the messiest bedhead. :)

The Boho Chic Headband

If you're into vintage, FreePeople or Urbanoutfitter kind of style, you might consider doing a bohemian look with a headband. You basically leave your hair loose and tousles and throw on a headband across your forehead.

The Floral Headband

You know this would make the list. Summer and floral is inseparable. My favorite way to wear this is creating a loose, messy updo and topping it with a floral headband. I called this boho-meets-bedhead.

The Glitter Headband

Like the idea of leaving your locks natural, but adding a touch of glam? A basic headband with some glitter should do the trick. Wear it across the middle of your head, leaving half of your hair in the front. This is a flirty and girly look you try for a date night.
Summer doesn't have to mean being lazy when it comes to hairstyling. It's so simple to create a playful hairstyle by just adding a headband to your look.
How will you use a headband to style your hair this summer?
hey there! You asked me about how my hair turned after the beet hair dye, well it actually looked like the 4th picture :D
Thanks for getting back to me haha! That's a pretty color! :)
turban is really useful and cute during summer. I purchase a few in different design to switch it up.