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So I found this awesomely true article about weird cat logic on The article is pretty much just pictures of cats being cats but being a cal owner myself I know the struggles.
Honestly once I got a cat I thought I shouldn't eat in the house anymore until Cookie (my cat's name) and I came to an agreement.
My cat simply hates his fish bowl being empty so after he is done eating whatever was in it he begs me to put something new it. But I don't and he's sometimes cool with it.
So like any other cat person, I don't understand my cats logic in sleep. Why do you feel the need to wake me up after I go to sleep? >~ Why do you stare incessantly at me while I sleep? Or while I do anything actually? Why do you always want to play with me at night? Are you a nocturnal animal?..... Why can't you sleep in the bed I bought for you?
Why do you sit down and get comfortable in the most inconvenient places for me? He would literally lay across the doorway to the steps going upstairs and downstairs. Then there is the middle of the hallway. And most importantly my laptop. Why is my laptop so comfortable?
My cat is also curious about everything. If I do much as being something new into the house he will go through to see if he can eat it or whatever. He also likes to make me do things for him and change his mind. An example is again when he wants me to put food in his bowl but he isn't hungry-_- Or when he nudges me to the door or window and I open the door but he just stands there staring. At least at the window it isn't so bad.
He wants attention when he wants it and the way he wants it. He's such a spoiled brat though.
He has an evil alter ego that wants to eat me when I'm being super nice to him.
He does amazing tricks when no one is looking. At least he must think no one is watching.
He leaves me unwanted gifts. Or you can say he is paying for his stay by killing all rodent intruders. Bugs too.
Lastly, inanimate objects amuse and freak him out. He becomes as hyper as a dog chasing his tale when an inanimate object grabs his attention.
Well that's all the article had in cats but I do have to say that my little baby is a total sweetheart. He hates it when I take a shower and I have to talk to him so he knows the water didn't kill me or something. What do you guys think of cats? Do you have any pets of your own?
i can relate to every single comment,i have double trouble but its double the fun but can be hard work. Im sure they know exactly what they are doing my 2 wait till im in bed and usually around 4 & 5 am they have a mad half hr & when they have managed to waken me they decide they want to sleep
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