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"I've said that there is a dream sequence, a flashback and a flash forward in the final episodes," executive producer Stephanie Savage says, which features Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass -- wearing a wedding ring! -- and young newcomer Alexander Bento. "Which one does this little boy belong to?" The Gossip Girl series finale brings back several former cast members, including Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey), Connor Paolo (Erik van der Woodsen) and Katie Cassidy (Juliet Sharp). Kristen Bell, who narrates the series, will reportedly make a cameo in the episode. The show's main stars -- Westwick, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley and Michelle Trachtenberg -- are eager to move on after six seasons of schemes and scandals. "It's great to move on and do something different," Meester, 26, told E! News earlier this year. "Playing the same character for six years is great, but it's exciting to do other things."
haha.. that's one hella spolied kid for sure!
the kid is looking a lil like Blair-ish to me!