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Can't decide which hair color you should try? Leave it to the "Little Pony". I found this character game online and thought it'll be fun to add a little twist to it (and inspire you for your next hair dye).

"Hair" you go!

Answer the questions to find your Pony Inspiration.
Done with the quiz? Look below to see your hair color inspiration. Don't forget to let me know which one you got. =)

Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Hair

You're adventurous to try new things and overall confident. You have the perfect personality to try a rainbow hair because you'll rock it with your awesomeness.

Apple Jack - Yellow Hair

You're determined and warm-hearted and your hair should reflect that too. This sunny hair color will literally brighten up every room you step into.

Rarity - Purple Hair

Style, something you will never lose. Purple is the current "It" color and there's no reason you should try this.

Pinkie Pie - Pink Hair

You're optimistic, outgoing and loving -- you're bubbly personality will definitely match this bubblegum hair color.

Fluttershy - Pastel Pink Hair

You're charming, easy going and gentle. The soft pastel pink color is the best hue for you - not too dark and not too light.

Twilight Sparkle - Purple Hair with Pink Streak

You're bright, modest and meticulous. Since you're detail-oriented your hair should have some extra details. A blend of purple and pink will give you all the cool shades.
@HairConfetti I used Manic Panic colors :D Pretty Flamingo, Electric Lizard, Vampire Red, Ultra Violet
@Tamberea What color did you use for your rainbow hair? :)
apple jack
Commented first time without taking quiz buuuttt took it just now and I got Twilight Sparkle ^^ have done that hair already and loved it
I'm Rainbow Dash right now with my rainbow hair ^^
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