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The first hour of the show was just talking about the show and had the actors and actresses discussing how the show affected them. This was an interesting hour of "Gossip Girl." The series finale started with the body of Bart Bass being found after he fell off the top of the building. Chuck Bass was considered a person of interest and they wanted to question him about the death of his father. Jack Bass then explained to him that if he was married to Blair then she could never be forced to testify against him. Chuck took this opportunity to propose to the love of his life with the ring already around her neck. Chuck and Blair went to get married by a Justice of the Peace, but he wouldn't let her go through with it. He explained she needs her family and friends there with her on her big day. They then started trying to figure out who is really "Gossip Girl." It sounded like it could be Jenny Humphrey. It was promised that fans would get the big reveal tonight on the show. Of course they teased it until the show was almost over. Dan Humphrey knew who "Gossip Girl" was and wrote it up giving it to Nate to put on The Spectator. This was his final chapter. Chuck and Blair were quickly married in front of all of their family and friends before the police came and rushed them away for questioning. This should all turn out okay in the end. Dan Humphrey is "Gossip Girl!" Everyone was shocked to hear the news. They even showed Kristen Bell who is the voice behind her. They all started talking about it and that they are honestly okay with it in the end, but nobody had any idea that it was him until he let out the news. Did you figure it out? At the end of the show, they gave an update on everyone. Here they are: Nate is considering running for mayor. Chuck and Blair have a son named Henry. Eric and Jenny were both back. Serena and Dan are finally getting married! Credit: examiner
Homeland, Castle, Downtown Abbey...... :)
what's on your list?
ohhh Modern family! I know it's very different with GG but Modern Family sure is funny!
i love Dexter and How i met your mother.. but i think you must have watched them already!! try Grey's anatomy.. of if you want a girl kind of drama.. try two broke girls or 9O21O
hahahaha... :P in need of a new series to watch.. suggestions?
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