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Hint: I think I know!!
Have you seen Ken's really, really short teaser yet? They posted it on twitter but I haven't found it on Youtube yet....anyways, it's just Ken's hand grabbing a girls hand with the date of his solo album release!!
Some reporters pointed out that the nails look reallllllly similar to these ones....any ideas who this is?
It's Hani, from EXID!!! What do you think, will she feature in Kens' MV?! I sure hope so!! After all, they do know each other!!
In this video, he says that he is sort of friends with Hani from EXID (they just say, and this was back in 2013).
And on All the Kpop, Hani once said that she thought it would be fun to be coupled with Ken!!! I can't find the full clip, but I think they two of them are good enough friends now that it would be fun to see their acting chemistry.
Some people are saying Hani is way too popular to do this, but I don't think so!!
If it is really her, that's pretty awesome. I love when Kpop friends collaborate! ^_^
Damn, Hani's certainly the it girl lately.
Oh sh-nap. I'm excited for this. ╰(*´︶`*)╯