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In every. Single. State.
A report just came out that isn't really surprising saying that all 50 states fail to meet global police standards regarding the use of force. It's a bit of a long article, but a worthy read I promise.
The main points to get out of it is that Amnesty International found that in all 50 states police forces don't comply to legal lethal force rules, and that 13 states fall below more standards set in the US constitution, AND 9 states have no laws to deal with this issue.
What?! EVERY. SINGLE. STATE! That's ridiculous. That's insane. That's terrifying.
From what I understand, a big part of the problem is the lack of accountability. Everything gets "reviewed internally" and then police settle, and the cost goes on to tax payers. I'm not sure if a system like this could work but I feel police should be individually insured like doctors are. Somewhat of a malpractice thing. If they have too many incidents and no one will insure them due to their track record then they clearly aren't fit for duty.
Who knows. All I know is that something has got to change, and I think the time is right for change in the USA.