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Woo! @TessStevens posted another prompt that is screaming for me to try it, so here we go! The challenge is minimalist in nature: writing just one paragraph about walking through NYC on the way to the Empire State Building!
While she didn't specify how long of a paragraph it could be, I'm going to stick to less than 6 sentences!! And I'll even try to keep my sentences kind of short....
You say you'll meet me at the top, to just wait and you'll meet me there, but I'm letting my feet drag paths in the dust that has settled on my end of town as I head to yours. You say you'll meet me at the top of of the Empire but I know that you say a lot of things. You said you'd meet me at Bottega del Vino two hours before closing, so I stayed until one hour after the I emptied my wallet to pay and the doors were closed behind me. You said you'd invite me to your sister's wedding, if you hadn't promised to bring that family friend. You said you'd pick me up next time. You say a lot of things, but I still let my heart carry me, slowly, to the tallest building in town.
(ok, so that wasn't exactly short....I tried!)
Not very short, though, but I think you were trying to follow the technique and that's what matters!
@greggr Thanks! Yeah I guess it is, haha. I'll try to actually follow the rules next time though