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finger stretched 馃槝
something very sweet and soothing... facebook me - Aniesh R Rana hope u all love it :D
@AnieshRRana this is awesome! love the pink uke hahaha ! i'm a sucker for string instruments played quickly... as my card on bluegrass probably gives away haha https://www.vingle.net/posts/897616-A-summer-of-bluegrass
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How long have you been playing ?
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@jeff4122 hey bro..been playing since 5 years .and i also love the strings...hope u enjoy all my videos bro :D
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@AnieshRRana i'm gonna check them out. we need some more voices in the music community haha it's great to see you posting! keep it up man!
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@jeff4122 yeahhhh gonna post as much as i can bro..cheers!!
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