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Whenever anyone has even the slightest of successes, the haters emerge. This is not in the Taylor Swift, haha way, but in the serious way. People you thought you knew start to shift. They start comparing themselves to you, you to them. Success is not concrete anymore. It's relative. I've experienced hatred not only from my enemies, but also from my closest friends. Everyone is a hater, because everyone to some extent wants to succeed.
People start to hate for all kinds of reasons, but jealousy is the forerunner of those reasons. When you see someone who started out in the same situation as you, passing you, well things can get ugly. Id be lying if I didn't feel jealous every once in a while. The entertainment industry is a cruel one. Writing, acting, music...they're all competitive, active industries where the best sometimes don't rise to the top. These industries breed jealousy.
The twenties are the decade where people either get their shit together or fall by the wayside. It's also the decade where we figure out how the hell were going to navigate life, and sometimes people have a GPS when we're stuck with an outdated map. It's easy to become jealous when your path is rockier than others'. True jealousy, not the convenient kind, comes when you've realized that somewhere on your road, you took a wrong turn where someone took the "right" one.

The truth is there is no right turn. There are only different paths.

If you have a similar goal to someone else and they are reaching it at a faster pace, there's no reason for hatred or jealousy. There's only room for improvement. We can use these people as motivators. We can use these people as examples. We can endear their success to our own, instead of fighting it. Somewhere along the finish line we'll square up and knock down whatever is in our way. Everyone's got their own formula and their own pace. A little bit of jealousy now and then is healthy, but once it starts to overcome you, make you belittle yourself or worse make you lash out at those on the fast track, there's got to be some reevaluation.
We all have our insecurities and the best way to combat them is with hard work, dedication to your end game and being able to possess the knowledge that you are right where you need to be. Nobody defines your path but you, so just keep on it. Walk, run, skip, just keep moving because no matter what, the people who hate you probably hate themselves too.
@orenshani7 I think it all comes from a version of insecurity. At least for me, when I'm feeling threatened I can't help but have some sort of animosity from the person on my tail. In other instances, some people are just arrogant, that's a different thing all together! Thank you for reading!
"Everyone is a hater, because everyone to some extent wants to succeed.", that's a very good point. I never thought about it this way. But if so, then why people often hate those that they feel superior to? Or maybe it is the other way around?