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Model and fashion blogger behind Always Judging Courtney Trop has the coolest downtown-LA style. She's a regular at fashion weeks and travels quite a bit, giving us glimpses of her amazing personal style along the way. Trop's fashion sense can be broken down to a couple of key elements; find out how to mimic her look below.
White hot in rain or shine.
Trop isn't one for bright colors, and though she loves black like the rest of the world, she is often found decked out in head-to-toe white, starting with her head of white-blonde hair. She always looks incredibly sleek and chic, especially adding black accents to a see of white pieces.
A topper on top.
Trop is a big fan of hats, and her black go-to fedora gives her a kind of urban cowboy look paired with her more polished staples. It also keeps her generally shoulder-length blonde locks looking interesting, as she tends to keep her hair simple and down.
Menswear inspired womenswear.
Trop never shies away from a masculine silhouette, which I really appreciate. Her willingness to wear slacks when everyone else is in girly dresses, and an appreciation for loafers and sneakers in her mix of high heels, really keeps her look interesting.
Sunglasses all the way.
Trop's attitude is given a boost when she finishes her look with a sleek pair of shades, which she does all the time. They punch up her polished outfits and keep her looking young, despite her often mature style.