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You would never believe me if I told you that you could perfect your look in a matter of minutes every single morning. Yes, you heard me correctly -- minutes! Pretty amazing, right?

Achieving a flawless look is always a plus, but the time it takes to achieve this look can be rather time consuming. Well, it's safe to say, you can bid adieu to those mornings where you were late to work because you were so busy perfecting your brows.
There's nothing quite like beating your face minus the ridiculous amount of time it usually takes. With a few items and all the time in the world, you will be able to beat your face in no time. Go ahead and hit the snooze button because you'll never need another hour to do your makeup again, thanks to this quick beat routine.

Step #1: Skip the foundation and use a BB Cream

The great thing about bb cream is that it serves as a moisturizer, primer and foundation all in one. Way to skip three steps in a matter of seconds. Apply this as you would your foundation and you're officially done with the first step of a sweet beat!

Step #2: Use a bronzer to contour your cheeks

If you lack in the patience department and want to achieve the illusion of a contour minus the time it takes, use an angled brush and apply bronzer in place of your normal contour powder.
You get both a contour and a glow from the bronzer. You can even skip the blush and stick with your glow.

Step #3: Apply brow gel to eyebrows

Applying brow gel replacing filling in your brows. Although you don't get the structured brow look, the brow gel allows your brows to stay intact and look presentable throughout the day. You can either go for clear brow gel or spice things up and grab the tinted gel.

Step #4: Apply mascara and lip product of choice

This last step is obviously the easiest. Apply your mascara to both your top and bottom lashes. No need to apply falsies, we are keeping it simple and sweet for this particular beat. Whether you prefer a gloss or lipstick is completely up to you. Line your lips and apply your product to complete the entire look.
This video will give you all the tips and tricks needed to go from taking 50 minutes on your makeup in the morning to 5 quick minutes.